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7W 445nm Striker series Limi..
World's most powerful blue handheld laser The Real 7W 445nm Laser We put the most powerful blue 445nm single laser diode into the striker laser body to get a full 7W insane laser blast. Instead of calling it a burning laser, it's more like a "firestarter", the 7 Watts striker laser ignites paper and...
Striker saber - Striker series
The Striker Saber Handheld Laser Saber Style Design The concept of the striker saber is to make a light version of our original striker model. Striker saber is much smaller in sizes and powered by two protected 18650 li-ion batteries. The laser housing looks very close to a light saber. Magnetic Dimmer...
Striker series
Striker series - Designed to handle extreme laser power. World's Most Powerful Handheld Laser The striker is designed to use the most powerful laser diodes in the market: 4W 470nm, 5W 445nm, 7W 445nm blue laser diodes and the brightest 1.2W 520nm and 1.25W green laser diodes. Ultimate Cooling Starting...