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7 Watts 445nm Striker series..
The World's Most Powerful Blue Handheld Laser A Legit 7 Watts of Laser Power As of 2018, this is the world's most powerful blue handheld laser. You may see a 10-watt or even 100-watt laser on other websites, but those are over inflated power ratings. A 10-watt blue laser diode does not yet exist. The...
Striker series
Striker Series - Designed for Extreme Power The World's Most Powerful Handheld Laser The Striker is designed to host the most powerful green and blue laser diodes on the market. Our Brightest Green Laser: 1.2 watts at 520nm & 1.2 watts at 525nm Our Strongest Blue Burning Laser: 5 watts at 470nm & 7 watts...
Striker saber - Striker series
Striker Saber - Designed for Extreme Power Saber Style and Design The striker Saber is a lightweight version of our original striker model. It is smaller in size and powered by two protected 18650 lithium-ion batteries. The laser housing looks similar to the lightsaber. Magnetic Dimmer Switch (optional)...