Striker series - The world most powerful stainless steelo made handheld lasers
Striker series
Striker series
Striker series
Striker series
Striker series
Striker series
Striker series
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Striker series - Laser designed to handle extreme laser power

World's most powerful handheld laser

The striker is designed to use the most powerful 5W and 7W 445nm blue laser diodes and the brightest 1W 520nm green laser diode specifically.

Ultimate heat sinking
Starting with a substantial 40mm copper heatsink within inside which surrounded by another huge aluminium heatsink, together the striker maximizes the heat-dissipation-efficiency a handheld laser could possibly achieve without active cooling. 

Enormous battery capacity
And thanks to its huge capacity design, the striker with two 26650 li-ion batteries guarantees one hour of minimum run time so you don't have to charge the 26650 batteries often.

Stainless steel construction
The rest of the laser body are made by military grade stainless steel, meaning the striker is very tolerable to scratches and impact damages. 

Users can access the striker easily by the pressing the tail switch.

Product spec:
Sizes Upper body: 38*90mm Lower body: 30*150mm 635g
Battery Two 66mm - 67.5mm 26650 li-ion batteries
Duty cycle Unlimited
Warranty One Year

Single mode / Multi-operation mode 

Single mode
On / off

Multi-operation mode with safety lock
Low power -> half power -> strobe -> full power -> SOS 

Half-press the tail switch to cycle between each mode, the laser driver memorizes and starts with the operation mode that being used for more than three seconds during the last operation

Electronic safety lock(only accessible in multi operations)
To prevent unauthorized use, half-press the tail switch three times within the first three seconds after the laser is on, the laser will switch to strobe mode before entering the safety lock.

To Unlock
Turn on the laser, wait one second and do five half-taps within three seconds, wait another 2 seconds, if the beam switch to strobe mode, then your laser is now unlocked.

Driver protections
Our driver comes with several battery protections: 
over-discharge protection, over-charge protection and reverse polarity protection

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