7W+ 455nm Striker series limited edition
7 Watts 445nm Striker series Limited Edition
7 Watts 445nm Striker series Limited Edition
7 Watts 445nm Striker series Limited Edition
7 Watts 445nm Striker series Limited Edition
7 Watts 445nm Striker series Limited Edition
7 Watts 445nm Striker series Limited Edition
7 Watts 445nm Striker series Limited Edition
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World's Most Powerful Blue handheld laser

Real 7 Watts of Laser Power
This is the World's most powerful blue handheld laser ever exists as the of the year of 2018. You may see a 10,000mW or even 100W laser on other websites but those are over exaggerated power ratings .A 10 Watts blue laser diode simply DOES NOT EXIST YET.

The 7W laser diode we use in the striker is the strongest blue laser diode in the laser market.
(We will be the first to build the 10W laser if a 10W laser diode ever come out)

INSANE Burning capability
For the first time ever one could get close to the experience of controlling a star-war like laser rifle,
the powerful 7 Watts blue laser beam ignites paper and wood almost instantly even without pinpoint focusing and the beam is dazzlingly bright at night.

User must operate the laser with caution to prevent fire hazard and accidents.

Beam Divergence
The beam divergence of a 7W blue laser diode is significantly higher than most laser diodes in the market, we recommend 7W striker user to also purchase our X3 beam expander to reduce the beam size.

Recommended duty cycle:
One minute on and off for this powerful handheld laser.

Laser Function
Single mode 

On / off

Multi-operation mode
Low power > Half power > Strobe > Full power > SOS 

Half-press the tail switch to cycle between each operation mode, the laser driver memorizes and starts with the operation mode that being used for more than three seconds during the last operation.

Electronic safety lock(only accessible in multi operations)

To prevent unauthorized use, half-press the tail switch three times within the first three seconds after the laser is on, the laser will switch to strobe mode before entering the safety lock.

How to unlock?
Turn on the laser, wait one second and do five half-taps within three seconds, wait another 2 seconds and the laser should switch to strobe mode which indicates your laser has been unlocked.

Battery protections
Our lasers come with several battery protections to protect the laser and battery: over-discharge protection, over-charge protection and reverse polarity protection.

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Truly terrifying but amazing!
This is scary powerful... it straight up sets things on fire as what you could see on Youtube. The build quality is extremely solid and the package even arrived a day early too. Everything was on point with this order! The only thing is figuring out how to safely use it...........
7w limited edition
The price for this laser is amazing, the quality of this laser is the best I've ever seen out of flashlights and lasers put together. This is definitely the best of the best.
Joseph Johnson
Amazing build quality, burns like hell!
Just received the laser from sanwu, It's surely burns lot quicker compare to my 5W blue laser and the beam is huge, glad I have their beam expander to go with it.
Very Bright
Definitely 7 watts. Looks like a lightsaber at night. You can also engrave things into wood. PLEASE BE SAFE.
Rob Wang
7w blue lazer
I dont write reviews so that should say something in itself. I'm verry pleased with the high quality lazer. Very bright and powerful. You deffently need lazer glasses though. And finally I give a 110% satisfaction with the Customer service. I've asked a million question and everytime the reply with no complaints. If you ever sell a 10w laser I'll deffently be back to buy one.
Bill Keeslar
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