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OD3 OD6 Laser Protection gog..
Eagle Pair protected goggles Eagle Pair 190nm - 540nm OD LEVEL: 6 Reduce the intensity of laser light by a factor of 1,000,000. (Please notice that this goggles do not block 1064nm infrared light produced from a DPSS 532nm lasers) Eagle Pair 190nm - 380nm & 600nm -760nm: OD LEVEL: 4 Reduce the intensity...
Auto spinning effects cap & ..
New release! Electric auto-spinning effects cap, displays amazing laser effects with only a press of a button. Product Specs: Housing Aluminium Color Black Power supply USB charging, auto spinning Output limit (never use with laser over 3W of output) Weight 21.5g, 0.75oz Five star effect caps: Five different...
Lightsaber attachment
Product Info: Dimensions: 12mm 40cm The saber attachment, a super cool gadget for role playing, it works on our handheld laser series and laser pointers. Buyer beware: This saber attachment does not compatible with pocket series. The saber attachment may scratches the cover glass of our handheld lasers....
4000mAh 26650 Li-ion battery
KINGKONG 18350 lithium battery Battery Specifications: 26650 (diameter 26 mm, length 70 mm) Battery capacity: 4000mAH Rated voltage: 3.7VDC Charge voltage: the maximum limit of 4.2VDC Weight: 22g Reminder: Battery is unprotected, do not over discharge the battery completely and charge the battery from...
3 element / G2 / G7 Laser le..
3-element lens (Cleanest beam profile, best for low power lasers) 3-element lens has a long focal length, low divergence and clean beam profile but it has a very noticeable output loss. Advantage Tight laser beam with the cleanest beam profile Downsides 70% efficiency (1W diode = 700mw with it) G2 lens(best...
Stainless steel attack caps
Stainless steel attack caps, fit perfectly on the silver, guardian and challenger lasers. For striker & striker saber, you must install the stainless steel adapter before mounting the attack heads. Other Usage of the stainless steel cap: Insert a small piece of line or cross effect lens under the steel...
Dual Channels Li-ion battery..
Dual channels li-ion batteries charger made by SANWU Fast charging, Easy to use high quality battery charger This charger has two parts, a 5V wall adapter and the charging base. Charging stops automatically if the batteries are fully charged to prevent overcharge damage which may shorten the battery...
3300mAh 18650 Li-ion battery..
3300Mah 18650 Li-ion battery protected Battery Specifications: Protected 18650 (diameter 18 mm, length 70 mm) Unprotected 18650 (diameter 18 mm, length 65 mm) Battery capacity: 3400mAH Rated voltage: 3.7VDC Charge voltage: the maximum limit of 4.2VDC Weight: 46g / 48g
900mAh 18350 Li-ion recharge..
AW 18350 lithium battery Battery Specifications: 18350 (diameter 18 mm, length 35 mm) Battery capacity: 900mAh Rated voltage: 3.7VDC Maximum voltage: 4.2VDC Weight: 22g Reminder: Battery is unprotected, do not over discharge the battery completely and at least charge once every six months to avoid damage...
Striker adapter & M9*0.5 ada..
Striker Adapter: Striker series requires the stainless steel adapter to use these accessories: x3 beam expander Saber attachment Pattern caps Silver, challenger and guardian lasers does not require any adapter to use the accessories mentioned above but we recommend users to install the stainless steel...
Giant Laser line & Laser cro..
The line and cross lenses, they create a giant laser line and giant laser cross projection over the night sky, a very cool gadget to be use with fog machine indoors. Stainless steel attack head must be purchased together with the effect lenses. Must be use with stainless steel attack head: Insert a small...