Red Guardian Laser - World first copper made powerful handheld lasers
Red Guardian
Red Guardian
Red Guardian
Red Guardian
Red Guardian
Red Guardian
Red Guardian
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Red Copper Guardian

Sexy red copper host - the raw copper we use to make the lasers heatsink, our copper made handheld lasers are made with white copper(cupronickel) instead.

Red copper is a raw copper without mixing any other metals and it can be damaged easily by fall damages. The surface requires constant care and cleaning to prevent oxidation.

Buyer Attention: 
This laser comes without reverse polarity protection, the battery must be inserted to the right direction(positive towards the laser diode).

This product does not accept any form of returns unless the issue is related to the laser diode or operation of the laser.

Buyers must acknowledge the above conditions before purchasing this model.

Laser Function
Single mode 

On / off

Multi-operation mode
Low power > Half power > Strobe > Full power > SOS 

Half-press the tail switch to cycle between each operation mode, the laser driver memorizes and starts with the operation mode that being used for more than three seconds during the last operation.

Electronic safety lock(only accessible in multi operations)

To prevent unauthorized use, half-press the tail switch three times within the first three seconds after the laser is on, the laser will switch to strobe mode before entering the safety lock.

How to unlock?
Turn on the laser, wait one second and do five half-taps within three seconds, wait another 2 seconds and the laser should switch to strobe mode which indicates your laser has been unlocked.

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