Pocket Series - Smallest handheld Laser pointer in the world
Pocket series
Pocket series
Pocket series
Pocket series
Pocket series
Pocket series
Pocket series
Pocket series
Pocket series
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The world's smallest laser pointer

The pocket, an ultra-lightweight stainless steel laser pointer with merely 10cm in body sizes, the pocket is unbelievably constructed as your everyday-carry-laser. You won't believe its tiny sizes and weight(43g) until you get one on hands.

Unbelievable power and size ratio
Don't fool by its size. The pocket laser is strong enough to generate 800 milliwatts of laser power, enough to light cigarettes and ignite matches without pinpoint focusing

Seamless experience
As one of the leading handheld laser manufacturer, we always ensure top notch quality of our handheld lasers. The pocket laser is focus adjustable and when you tighten all the moveable parts of the laser, you won't notice any signs of conjunction as the laser is made in one piece.

The pocket laser is powered by one little rechargeable lithium 10440 battery and will constantly on with a click to the bottom switch.

Product Specs :
Size Stainless steel 99*13mm, 43g(without battery)
Battery type Button top 10440 li-ion battery
Duty cycle 30 seconds on & off
Operation mode Single Mode (On & off) 
One year

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Best laser out there
Hey guys just wanted to tell you that you have made an excellent laser. I just received mine yesterday and I was blown away by its quality. The only thing is the electronic lock and other modes are hard to figure out on the pocket series. Sometimes it changes modes without me even pressing it five times to go back to normal. Otherwise it is outstanding and you definitely need safety glasses for anyone who is going to buy it, even in safety mode still where glasses unless star pointing or it can blind you even with a reflection. Great work! I will buy more lasers from here.
Branson cline
First laser from Sanwu!
This is my first laser from this company and I am truly impressed! The time to ship was alright at 7 days and it took 2 days to get my laser from china to the USA, very impressive. The laser quality is phenomenal and I am still impressed they can fit a 1w blue diode into a host this small! Reviews on youtube said they received batteries with the pocket series but I didn't get a battery and I still don't have batteries. Quickly powering this up with a regular Triple A show it has a bright beam for a split second. I am happy with my purchase and I will purchase from Sanwu again in the future!
Sanwu Pocket Laser - 650nm 240mw
This is my first laser purchase from Sanwu and it is truly a work of art. Imagine discovering an alien artefact, a piece of exotic unearthly technology, this was my fist impression of this finely machined stainless steel Pocket laser. You cannot feel nor see the seams and joins and don t be fooled by how small it is, it has weight to it and despite taking only one very small 10440 li-ion battery it packs a terrific punch. Dealing with Sanwu is also as seamless as their products are crafted, Francis was very attentive and kindly and very quickly replied to any questions and queries that I had, both during and after the order process. I ll be making another purchase with Sanwu very soon to add to my collection. 10/10!
Rob White
Awesome little laser
I got the 505nm one and its beautiful and tiny, I made a review on it on LPF where I describe it in more detail and pictures. https://laserpointerforums.com/f52/sanwu-pocket-505nm-30mw-review-pics-102350.html
Dima O
Small but powerful
I have a noname green laser pointer, which is almost as powerful as this, but it's a lot bigger, plus it's everything but reliable... The Sanwu Pocket is a masterpiece, it's so small and lovable - it's my first Sanwu product, but certainly not the last! :))
Aron Somodi
Pocket Series
I just received my 4th Pocket laser. It's perfect and superb just like the other 3. Very well built in one of my favorite metals stainless steel. These are so cool and pack a lot of heat for the size. You guys are great, thank you!
445 800mw blue
Was slightly wary ordering from here at first because of it being a Chinese site. I received my order after around two weeks (delivered to Scotland) and I can't say I'm anything less than amazed. The pocket laser is far smaller than expected and is machined so perfectly you can barely see a single seam on the lense or battery cap. When focused properly, it lights matches in under a second and the beam is viable even during the day. A small instructions booklet would have been nice though as I was totally unaware that there were different modes on the device in til I seen it mentioned on another review. If you're considering ordering one, do it. Reasonable price yet they laser out-performed my expectations.
Stuart Callender
I'm totally amazed.
Wow, Francis. This thing is the tiniest laser i've ever held. It is much smaller than it seems on the picture. But it has the weight. And it looks stunning, no-one would know that it even unscrews because the joins are practically invisble. And the power. For the size, this thing is very powerful and amazes everyone who sees it. I can't thank you enough for making this thing, Francis. And your customer service is as good as your lasers. Will be making another purchase from you in the very near future.
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