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Guardian series
Guardian series
Guardian series
Guardian series
Guardian series
Guardian series
Guardian series
Guardian series
Guardian series
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Guardian series - Our shortest Handheld Laser 

A "Mini Cannon"

The Guardian is an amazingly small handheld laser with an adjustable focus. It is designed to fit inside your pockets for easy everyday use. With a weight of only 200 grams, the guardian is the most comfortable laser to hold.

Incredibly, the guardian is capable of emitting a 1-watt, 520nm or 525nm, beam. It is the brightest green laser beam on the Earth and could be used in many different ways to include, but not limited to, a deterrent device or a signaling device.

Substantial Design

The Guardian has a 20mm copper heatsink and an 84mm x 24mm copper housing. This heatsink is phenomenal for the 1-watt, 520nm, green laser diode, and the 1.8-watt, 445nm, blue laser diode!

Stainless Steel & Extended Chassis 

As a portable everyday use laser, the stainless steel has a higher resistance against scratches and drop damage. Additionally, the extended copper housing prolongs the duty cycle of the guardian laser with a greater heatsink.

Satisfaction Guarantee 

As one of the leading handheld laser manufacturers, we always ensure top-notch quality of all of our products.

Laser Function

How to Power the Laser On

The Guardian is powered by one 18350 lithium battery. Insert the battery with the positive side going in first. Next, screw on the base cap and press the power button to operate the laser.

Full Power Mode & Multi-Operation Mode

To enter Full Power Mode, power the laser on without the safety lock function.

The Multi-Operation mode has five different settings with an additional electronic safety lock function.

The five unique operational modes cycle in the below order:

Low Power > Half Power > Strobe > Full Power > Emergency SOS > and back to Low Power

How to Access the Multi-Operation Functions

Half-press the button once to enter the next operational mode.

Memory Function

The laser powers on in the last operating mode that was in use for more than 3 seconds.

Electronic Safety Lock

To prevent unauthorized use, half-press the button three times within the first three seconds after youve powered on the laser. The laser should switch to strobe mode before entering the safety lock.

Unlocking the Laser

Power on the laser and wait one second. Next, half-press the button five times within three seconds and then wait another 2 seconds. The laser should now switch to strobe mode indicating that the laser is unlocked.

Adjustable Focus

The Guardian laser has a fully adjustable focus. Just twist the attack head located at the top of the laser to adjust the beams focus.

Battery Protection

Our lasers come with several battery protections to protect the laser and the battery: over-discharge protection, over-charge protection and reverse polarity protection.

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Guardian from sanwu
Even though this laser is conveniently smaller then the others it doesn't mean that it's any less amazing well-made, powerful or fun to use. Combined with the G7 lens it will light a candle your cigarette white paper tissue plastic it's basically everything it says and more and I know you'll feel the same way. It's no wonder this company is the best company for this kind of product that I have found and worked with so far. Thank you sanwu the guardian laser is simply badass.
Jared Romanio
Amazing Guardian!
I just received my Sanwu 405nm 1.6w guardian laser and it's fantastic! The build quality is down right perfect and the burning power of the 405 is powerful. I also own 4 of the pocket lasers and they are amazing as well!
Jesse Welsh
Raised the bar
I've got to say after dealing with these guys for the past couple of months I am truly impressed. I'm not even the kind of person to leave reviews, but I felt compelled to after my Sanwu experience. The craftsmanship of this laser is incredible. Even after seeing it in the review videos there's nothing like actually being in the presence of it. Very accurate beam, great profile and extremely powerful. The service and delivery time were just as pleasant as the laser itself. Sanwu has truly raised the bar on powerful lasers. You guys kick ass. Keep up the good work.
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