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Challenger II
Challenger II
Challenger II
Challenger II
Challenger II
Challenger II
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Challenger II – The Pro Edition

The Ultimate Design

The Challenger II is the most compact laser we have ever created. Its sleek design, and adjustable focus makes it one of the most enjoyable lasers on the market.

For maximum battery life, power the laser with one single 18650 lithium battery. To gain more power, you can use two 18350 lithium batteries. (Laser only works on the battery setting you selected)

A Phenomenal Power to Size Ratio 

The Challenger II has the best power to size ratio in the world! It is capable of powering a 4000mW, 470nm, blue laser diode with a body size of just 140mm x 24mm. The size is equivalent to a miniature flashlight making this an extremely portable laser to use.

Satisfaction Guarantee 

As one of the leading handheld laser manufacturers, we always ensure top-notch quality of all of our products.

Laser Function

How to Power the Laser On

Use One 18650 or Two 18350 lithium batteries to power the Challenger II. Insert the batteries with the positive side going in first.

Next, screw on the base cap and press the power button to operate the laser.

Full Power Mode & Multi-Operation Mode

To enter Full Power Mode, power the laser on without the safety lock function.

The Multi-Operation mode has five different settings with an additional electronic safety lock function.

The five unique operational modes cycle in the below order:

Low Power > Half Power > Strobe > Full Power > Emergency SOS > and back to Low Power

How to Access the Multi-Operation Functions

Half-press the button once to enter the next operational mode.

Memory Function

The laser powers on in the last operating mode that was in use for more than 3 seconds.

Electronic Safety Lock

To prevent unauthorized use, half-press the button three times within the first three seconds after youve powered on the laser. The laser should switch to strobe mode before entering the safety lock.

Unlocking the Laser

Power on the laser and wait one second. Next, half-press the button five times within three seconds and then wait another 2 seconds. The laser should now switch to strobe mode indicating that the laser is unlocked.

Adjustable Focus

The Challenger II has a fully adjustable focus. Just twist the attack head located at the top of the laser to adjust the beams focus.

Battery Protection

Our lasers come with several battery protections to protect the laser and the battery: over-discharge protection, over-charge protection and reverse polarity protection.

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405nm 1600mw
Flawless craftsmanship, beautifully made and arrive within two weeks of placing the order. If you're looking for quality then look no further, the Challenger II like all other Sanwu laser products is brilliantly put together. The 405nm 1600mw laser is incredibly powerful too, so do not be fooled by its size.
Rob White
The Challenger II is a professional handheld laser in every aspect. The build quality and machining on these units is simply breathtaking. These lasers are custom built per order with fine attention devoted to every detail. These handhelds are not the typical cheap lasers sold by other vendors. They are simply works of art. Furthermore, the representative I dealt with during my purchase was Francis, who is a very kind individual. He is very patient and answers any questions you may have quickly and efficiently. He is a great source to discuss the details for each build. I will only purchase lasers from Sanwu exclusively after seeing the quality handhelds produced by this company. You will be hard pressed to find any comparable products, period.
Superb Craftsmanship!
I recently purchased two Challenger II lasers as astronomy pointers and I must say that the build quality is superb and the host electronics are excellent. Being able to custom order a laser is a big advantage for me, especially with the large selection of diodes, and collimating lens options, including a beam extender (necessary for higher power diodes). I know of no other vendor that offers such a service and delivers such a high quality product. I m very satisfied with my purchase, and I will be back! Thanks!
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