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Green Red Violet 304 Laser pointers
Green Red Violet 304 Laser pointers
Green Red Violet 304 Laser pointers
Green Red Violet 304 Laser pointers
Green Red Violet 304 Laser pointers
Green Red Violet 304 Laser pointers
Green Red Violet 304 Laser pointers
Green Red Violet 304 Laser pointers
Green Red Violet 304 Laser pointers
Green Red Violet 304 Laser pointers
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80mw 532nm Laser Pointer

This green laser pointer is perfect for Astronomy! Youll enjoy the extremely bright beam slicing through the night sky. Additionally, it is powerful enough to light matches and cut duct tape when focused properly!

200mw 650nm Laser Pointer

With 200mw of power, our red laser pointer is powerful enough to ignite paper and kindling when focused. This beam looks awesome shined across the skys horizon.

100mw 405nm Laser Pointer

This laser makes fluorescent objects glow! The 405nm violet laser beam contains high energy giving it the power to engrave objects and pop balloons; even when out of focus!

We recommend our green and red laser pointers for beginners.

Product Specs:

Model  405YL1  532YL1  650YL1  650JD
Beam distance (0.25x)  Violet: 5km+   Green: 10km+   Red: 15km+
Wavelength Outputs  Violet: 100w   Green: 80mw   Red: 200mw
Wavelength  405nm   532nm   650nm
Weight  110g (without battery)
Sizes  22*158mm 
Battery orientation 1 x 18650 or 1 x 18350 lithium-ion battery 
Red & Violet: positive end goes first / Green: negative end goes first

Laser functions
Reverse polarity protection
Focus adjustable for engraving and burning
Key lock function

     Green laser pointer with Auto Spinning effect cap:

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Quality laser
Great build quality all the fittings are crisp and tight. The laser itself is incredibly bright, I am very pleased. Money well spent! I definitely will be buying one of the more expensive models on this site next.
Thomas Anderson
200 mw red laser
I ordered the 200 mw red laser. The laser is very good for the price if you don't have to buy the accessories. The batteries last a decent amount of time on this as well. I'd definitely get some goggles if you plan on using this. The beam is bright and can be harmful to your eyes. Here are some questions/answers that I had that I will answer now that I have the laser. Q: How visible is the beam? A: Not very visible to the naked eye. The only time I can see the beam is if I'm looking directly down the line of sight of the beam. Even at night it's the same. Q: How far can you see the laser point? A: At night, I can see the point of the laser almost a mile out. Any farther than that I start to lose it. During the day, I can point it down the street from my house a few houses and still see it, but not much farther than that. Q: Does this laser burn stuff? A: Yes. This was my first burning laser. At first, I just pointed the beam at some wood expecting it to burn, but nothing happened. Once I unscrewed the cap where the laser beam focuses to come to a finer point, that's when I started to see smoke and was able to burn holes into dried leaves and black tape.
Nice "little" pointer
I ordered a green 100mw one with the caps. It's so much brighter than I thought it would be! I have a noname pointer ordered from GB, it's quite bright, but dimmer than this. The quality is good, my only complaint is that you should depict on the body how the battery should be put in, I mean the polarity. I definitely recommend getting one!
Aron Somodi
I like lasers
The laser or cool
Sergio aguilar
200mW red works perfectly. Yes it is a 303 host but you are paying for the laser itself and not the host.
Spectacular Laser
I ordered the green laser and a battery to go with it. There were some issues with customs because of shipping the Li-ion battery but I received prompt communication from Sanwu detailing the issue and both arrived faster than I expected for something coming from China (about 2.5 weeks). The quality of the laser build is excellent; it feels very solid. It's incredibly bright even in daytime. I will be a returning customer for one of the more expensive and more powerful lasers in the future. You cannot beat Sanwu for this price. I am an extremely satisfied customer and cannot recommend this company enough.
You cannot beat this value!
The lasers are great for the price, I got the 3 laser combo. Great starter point for beginner Wavelength Collectors. I especially like the red. We all know the greens. The violet is least visible but that is absolutely normal for this wavelength. You can not find better quality for this price. The shipping is good. Waiting for your next budget builds :P
revrieuw for all 3 colors.
shipment was good. i got a confirmation within the 10 days they mentioned. and it arrived a week later. came in a double brown envelope with some bubblewrap. about the lasers themselves. i was a little dissapointed at first. on first glance they felt cheap. even though at closer inspection you can see they are pretty decent quality lasers. the button just felt cheap. but the lenses are a bit medium. it's a verry wide beam so it's a bit hard to burn something unless focused to a specific distance. my older laser (bought from warnlaser) has a much more compact laser and can burn over a larger distance without having to refocus. it was sold to me as a 200mW laser but someone on the laserpointerforum said it was more likely to be 50mW. however it's stronger then all 3 of these colors combined. (litterally. brigther beam and brighter dot) the green is verry visible. but out of the 3 struggled the most to burn a hole through tape. the red has a somewhat visible beam and a verry visible dot. and the only one that managed to burn a hole without focussing. and burned fast with focussing. the purple one has a nearly invisible beam and a hella bright dot. (glasses reccommended for all 3 lasers) the only downside to this sale is that the duty cycle is not mentioned anywhere. and that there is no clear plastic cap to keep the dust out. instead of the manual spinning pattern cap that comes with it. red is the only one you can feel the heat from on your hand. (while in contrast my old green one from warnlasers feels like someone poked you with a needle after 3-5 seconds) in the end i am just as happy as i am dissapointed (dissapointed because of unrealistic expectations that i had) . would order this again. deffinatly worth the price.
stefan zwagemakers
Review on all 3 Laser colours
Ordering is great. Very fast shipping to Canada for Lasers. 11 days to door! That's Canadian Customs and delivery!!! Batteries which are shipped separately take a very long time. Over 60 days...still not received. Green 304 Laser- 5 stars - Great laser! VERY BRIGHT!!! Even in the full sun light. Red 304 Laser- 4 stars - Very Nice ! Can see in sun light but not at long distance. Violet 304 Laser- 2 stars - Only good for indoors! Very weak, not very bright at all. Violet is a big disappointment...
Dave Feduck
Great Product
This is a great laser for the price! It is very stable and works flawlessly! However, it looks to be a bit dim for being 100mw, but I do not have an LPM to prove it. So I am assuming that it is 100mw. I would buy the red one next!
100mW 405nm
Great laser for the price! I don't have a meter to confirm the power, but it looks maybe even brighter than I would expect. My only issue with this laser is that the focusing lens is loose unless it is focused at its farthest distance. It makes it nearly impossible to precisely focus nearer without carefully holding the lens very still. Otherwise, a great laser! Even 100mW could be dangerous for your eyes. Safety first!
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